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LEAFHouse Project Comes To A Close
November 12, 2007

Hurd & Obenchain, Inc. has increased their green building initiatives significantly as environmental concerns grow–not only in the marketplace–but in the world at large. In addition to the LEED projects on their books and their environmental considerations in their private lives, the employees of Hurd & Obenchain, Inc. are finding another way to “walk our talk” with the LEAFHouse project.

The LEAFHouse is a contest entry in the 2007 Solar Decathlon. Using verbage from the LEAFHouse’s website that, inarguably, exposes the depth of this project very well, the LEAFHouse is a “resource-efficient home being powered by renewable energy” being designed by School of Architecture students at the University of Maryland. The goal of the project is to show many people–at different levels of relation to the project–that a residential house using sustainable energy sources is possible, immediately. This proactive project is designed to get the message out that everyone can contribute to a stable environment because the resources are already out there.

Dale Leidich, AIA, an old friend of Hurd & Obenchain, Inc. (who is now at MTFA), recruited Hurd & Obenchain, Inc. to donate design time. They obliged with an innovative residential sprinkler system, designed by Mr. David Rakes (an H&O employee), which put them in the Sustaining Level of Sponsorship for this project.

Two weeks ago, the contest came to a close. The LEAFHouse–which is said to have had the lead until the last, cloudy day–took second place overall to the Darmstadt team.

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