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Ledalite Introduces Airwave
March 31, 2009

Ledalite Architectural Products, a division of Philips, introduces Airwave – a revolutionary set of wireless and self-powered lighting controls for use with its luminaries that help save money, energy and the environment. Airwave battery-free controls use solar power and kinetic energy to wirelessly communicate with light fixtures. Just the simple little motion of pushing a self-powered Airwave light switch captures enough kinetic energy to transmit wireless RF commands allowing lights to dim or turn ON/OFF. Similarly, Airwave photosensors -powered by tiny integral photovoltaic cells – monitor ambient light levels and wirelessly signal luminaires to reduce output and save energy when there is sufficient daylight in the space. Airwave is a simple, green solution that makes lighting and control systems more personal, flexible, energy efficient and cost-effective than ever before.

With no hardwires and no batteries required to operate, Airwave components can be mounted virtually on any surface including glass, concrete, tile and wood. Using wireless controls can reduce the amount of copper wiring infrastructure required in a facility by up to 30% while also distributing access to lighting control to multiple users. No special devices, hardware or software are required to get going, as all start-up and reprogramming can be done with the wireless switch. Airwave components are compatible with other common energy savings devices including occupancy sensors and Ledalite’s own Response fixture integrated daylight harvesting sensors. For more information, visit Ledalite Airwave online.

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