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Local Engineer Volunteers For Non-profit Organization
March 7, 2011

Kara Ewing, an electrical engineer at H&A Architects & Engineers, believes that volunteering is more than an extracurricular activity, in her words “it’s what you’re supposed to do as a human being.”

Kara Ewing in Moray.

As a volunteer for the non-profit organization, Cross-Cultural Solutions, Ms. Ewing has traveled around the world to places such as Tanzania where she’s taught children English, and to Peru where she fed people who could not feed themselves. Placed in random groups of volunteers, Ms. Ewing’s experience with Cross-Cultural Solutions is one of complete selflessness and charity.

Ms. Ewing recalls her experience at the Mother Teresa Missionary of Charity house in Peru.

“We took in people that were sick and had been abandoned on the streets and in city hospitals,” said Ms. Ewing. “While I was there, one of the rescued men passed away. By the next morning, his spot was already filled…the nuns that work there do something I couldn’t do every day.”

Her work does not just span overseas though, Ms. Ewing volunteers once a week at Gandy Elementary in Ashland where she eats lunch with a student that she has mentored for two years.

With five H&A employees currently participating in the elementary school mentorship program, the firm-wide approach is to support and encourage volunteer opportunities.

“If you can make difference for one person, that’s all that matters,” Ms. Ewing says.

She is already in the planning stages for her next volunteer trip to India.

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