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Many 2010 Salaries Increasing at U.S. Architecture Firms
January 28, 2011

Salaries at leading U.S. architecture firms nationwide increased for many positions despite unstable economic times, according to ZweigWhite’s 2011 Salary Survey of Architecture, Interior Design, and Landscape Architecture Firms.

The report found that average annual base salaries for such top management titles as CEO/president/managing partner, marketing director, and branch office manager increased in 2010. In addition, senior positions such as senior architect, intermediate architect, associate/department head, project coordinator, IT manager/specialist, and business development representative saw salary increases as well.

Also, in 2010, average salaries for junior architects, CADD operator, marketing manager/coordinator, marketing assistant, accounting payroll clerk, office manager, executive assistant, administrative assistant, human resources coordinator, and receptionist/phone operator increased.

However, a fall in salaries has been observed in the average annual base salaries for the following senior positions: CFO/Financial manager, COO, vice president, HR director/manager, CADD manager, mechanical engineer, structural engineer, project manager, principal, and bookkeeper/accounting supervisor.

COO salaries decreased in every region in 2010. The average salary in 2009 ranged from $158,051 in the Pacific region to $208,580 in the Middle Atlantic. In 2010, it fell to $129,133 in the North Central region to $202,128 in the Middle Atlantic region.

In addition, average annual base salaries decreased for interns and drafters.

The salary for interns fell in every region. Salary ranges were from $37,852 in the North Central region to $40,945 in the South Central region.

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