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McKim & Creed Acquires Rocha Controls
December 20, 2005

McKim & Creed has acquired Rocha Controls, a Tampa-based systems integration company specializing in instrumentation and controls. McKim & Creed provides engineering and surveying services from its Virginia Beach office, and surveying services via its Newport News locale.

In announcing the acquisition, McKim & Creed President and CEO Michael W. Creed, PE, said, “Rocha Controls is one of the leading firms providing systems integration services in Florida, and has worked closely with our own instrumentation and controls experts in Clearwater for many years. Their addition to the McKim & Creed family significantly increases our ability to serve our public utility clients and other companies that also serve that sector.”

Raymond Rocha, president of Rocha Controls, added, “The merging of Rocha Controls with McKim & Creed allows us to provide a unique and comprehensive range of services for our clients. We can complete an entire instrumentation and controls project from initial conception through start-up, and provide immediate field service response whenever needed.”

Instrumentation and controls are the systems that allow industrial or utility operations to be monitored and controlled via computers. With public utilities, control systems can be as simple as the relay switches plant operators use to operate pumps, and as complex as computerized systems that remotely monitor, control and protect entire municipal water or wastewater treatment systems.

The Tampa office, led by Mr. Rocha, will operate under the name Rocha Controls, a Division of McKim & Creed.

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