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Monitoring Border Using UAV
October 18, 2004

Cyber Aerospace Corp. notes a recent news story that some 190,000 illegals from countries other than Mexico have breached our borders this year. Over 55,000 of these illegal OTMs were reportedly detained by border patrol including aliens from Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq. Terrorists and weapons could readily mix in with and slip through our borders with the normal flow of illegal immigrants. Upon completion of their development program, Cyber Aerospace proposes deterring such intrusions by using their Cyber Scout UAV to identify and/or neutralize potential terrorists.

Determining the presence of unusual/suspicious crossers, Border Patrol could send in the Cyber Scout UAV to investigate. A stealth-type vehicle, the Scout would secretly land and scrutinize the invaders using high-tech devices, report its findings, and/or proceed to disable threatening hostile individuals or groups. Cyber Scouts could also be placed at strategic locations offering an ever-present vigil.

The Cyber Scout, a 10 lb. UAV, is being designed to carry a wide array of cameras, sensors, weapons, and instruments that can perform surveillance in remote or dangerous locations, operate innovative reconnaissance, advanced video surveillance, and target acquisition. The Company plans to have it fly to a location, land and use its own power to operate and, if necessary, use a weapons payload to neutralize a dangerous situation. As sleepers, these craft could land at a select location and quietly monitor the surrounding area under their own power. A VTOL craft, when the mission is completed it would return to home base or move on to check out the next threat readily without the use of a runway.

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