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MSL Initiative Tool Kit Available
January 29, 2007

The Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) Mine-Scarred Lands (MSL) Initiative is an effort to improve federal agencies’ coordination and collaboration for the clean- up and redevelopment of hard-rock- and coal-mine- scarred lands. The MSL Initiative has partnered with six communities on demonstration projects, and has developed a tool kit–updated on November 2, 2006 – to help other communities clean up and revitalize former mines by sharing models from the six projects and links to a range of resources.

Through decades of experience, the MSL Initiative partners have concluded there is no set strategy for mine revitalization. The Mine-Scarred Lands (MSL) Initiative Tool Kit therefore explains the general phases through which many mine-scarred land projects progress:
– Creating a Vision for Revitalization describes the types of information used and the stakeholders involved in assessing revitalization opportunities.
– Building Project Teams discusses the techniques project leaders apply to develop core project teams, identify partners and stakeholders, and involve community residents.
– Obtaining External Support relates how project teams use subject-matter experts and planning specialists.
– Developing a Revitalization Plan focuses on methods project partners use to set reuse goals and create project plans.

Obtain a PDF copy of the Mine-Scarred Lands (MSL) Initiative Tool Kit from the IBP website

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