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My Discover-E Launched
October 21, 2010

What do hands-on activities, famous landmarks, engineer mentors, and family events have in common? They’re all part of My Discover-E, a new engineering hub from National Engineers Week Foundation that supports Educate to Innovate, The White House national STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) initiative. My Discover-E connects users to engineering experiences and enables them to see, touch, do and explore right in their own backyard.

The new web destination launches in conjunction with the 20th anniversary of its parent program, Discover-E. Since its founding, Discover-E’s mission has been to link young people and their families to engineer volunteers, events and other activities nationwide. By providing hands-on activities and unique learning opportunities, students are more likely to develop and sustain an interest in engineering as a potential career.

With its various interactive and easy-to-use features, the My Discover-E site connects users to engineering related resources in their area through maps, event calendars, event searches and an engineer network. It also encourages exploration of professional engineering achievements and activities inside and outside the classroom, demonstrating engineering as a creative career choice that impacts and shapes our past, present and future.

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