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NanoSonic, Inc. to Locate in Giles County, Virginia
March 25, 2009

NanoSonic, Inc., a high technology research and development company that concentrates its efforts in the field of advanced materials, is moving to EcoPark in Giles County, Virginia. The company, founded in 1998 is a spin-off company of Virginia Tech’s Colleges of Engineering and Science. Founded in 1998, the company has one of the best records of success of a small nanotechnology business in the southern U.S.

“We are extremely excited to locate in Giles County. Eastern Giles County is a short and beautiful drive from Blacksburg, and EcoPark will allow us to responsibly grow our manufacturing business with minimal impact on the environment. We currently rent office and research space in Blacksburg, but as we ramp up with the manufacturing of our products we needed additional space,” said NanoSonic’s President Richard O. Claus.

Giles County Board of Supervisors Chairman, Richard McCoy, stated that “NanoSonic is a perfect first tenant for the Wheatland EcoPark. Every community wants high tech, clean industry, and to have an announcement like this, in these economic times, is very exciting for the whole region.”

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