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National Thermal Engineer Day
July 17, 2018

Sponsored by Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc. (ATS), Monday, July 24, 2018 has been designated as an official day of recognition for the hard work and achievements of thermal engineers across the United States.

Thermal management of electronics is pivotal to ensure longevity and reliability; yet the thermal engineers who make this possible receive little recognition. Irrespective of the market sector (whether consumer electronics, large data centers, or cutting-edge biomedical and aerospace electronics), without the contributions of thermal engineers, the electronics that are an integral part of today’s life and the cornerstone of our nation’s technological advancement would not be possible.

According to research published as part of an awareness raising campaign by 6SigmaET, 30 percent of thermal engineers believe that their organizations do not adequately prioritize thermal management within the design process. This is despite 85 percent of thermal engineers demanding that it should be conducted as early on as possible.

This failure to examine thermal issues early on the design process may be significant contributing factor to the 99.5 percent of products that are delayed or derailed by late stage design complications.

For more information about National Thermal Engineer Day, visit the ATS event website.

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