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New Book Addresses Environmental Preservation Procedures For Waterways
January 24, 2019

The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) published a new book titled, Inland Navigation: Environmental Sustainability. This book provides an overview of the environmental protection of U.S. commercial waterways. Inland waterways are navigable waterways used in past, present and potential future to move people and commodities.

This technical report examines environmental considerations for construction, as well as operation and restoration of inland freshwater waterways in the continental United States—including the lower Mississippi and lower Columbia rivers. This report covers the following topics:
• hydrology and hydraulics
• sedimentation dredging, and disposal;
• water quality;
• habitat;
• migratory fish and birds;
• historic preservation; and
• restoration and environmental laws directed to waterway design and operation.

This publication will be a valuable reference for those involved with waterway design and operations, those involved in the environmental and sustainability community and will serve as an educational text for the academic community.

To purchase online, visit the ASCE Bookstore.

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