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New Book Series Explains Ancient Pyramids
July 16, 2007

Texas “Mega-mover” (Heavy lift consultant) provides an explanation for construction, rock movements, and development of the Great Pyramid from top to bottom with all questions answered. Common myths, legends, and lore concerning Khufu/Cheops Pyramid of Egypt are debunked by simple, straight forward look at the real evidence at hand. By addressing the project as if it can be done with assets and resources on the site, while applying a little conventional wisdom, a research team solves several mysteries.

Often when a person looks at an “impossible” task with a mystic
perspective, they are sure to remain stumped for generations. Since no one has known either “How or Why” the pyramids were built prior to now, maybe we have missed a trick in the study of the ancients? All too often our theories are built on assumptions and shifting sands of the desert, rather than a well grounded foundation. Builders, engineers, and the mechanically inclined will be thrilled with reasonable resolution to pyramid construction.

In a no-cost eBook series (currently in three volumes) a Texas “Heavy Lift” consultant proceeds step-by-step through the mechanical workings, technology and evidence found on site today at the Great Pyramid site in Giza/Gizeh, Egypt. The author, Captain Theodore L. (Ted) Whidden, provides not only clear evidence at hand concerning the build-up, he provides an analytical approach to the forensics remaining on the site today to show the demise and destruction process of time. Rock solid proofs are left for us by the builders. The results are amazing, with all the mechanical and analytical information and tools to prove how and why the structure was placed on the site. The book is released at the website under the name, The Solomon Series: Great Pyramid Mystery Resolved.

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