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New Chemistry Lessons Teach Students about Fire
January 16, 2008

The Society of Fire Protection Engineers (SFPE) has partnered with Discovery Education to create a new in-school program titled The Chemistry of Fire. The program is funded by a grant from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

The Chemistry of Fire is geared to high school chemistry students. It will teach students the science behind fire as a way for students to fully understand the dangers of fire. As a result, it will increase the awareness of fire and the importance of home fire prevention.

The interactive program includes a teacher’s guide with five lesson plans, a DVD that demonstrates exciting experiments included in the lessons, three classroom posters and a web site where teachers and students can find more classroom and career resources. The program is aligned to the National Science Teachers Association Standards for 9th-12th grades.

The program will be released to nearly 20,000 high school science department chairs nationwide in mid-January 2008.

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