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New Ground Penetrating Radar Unit
May 24, 2006

With the new addition of a Ground Penetrating Radar unit (GPR) Mid-Atlantic Utility Locating, LLC (MAUL) will be able to add a new in-house service to its long list of offerings. The decision to add this piece of equipment came from the growing demand for non-metallic utilities, and underground voids to be located.

MAUL’s capabilities will now enable them to detect subsurface structures including underground voids, vaults, and plastic or concrete utilities that would otherwise be undetectable with regular utility locating devices. The GPR unit will also allow MAUL to characterize ranges of bedrock.

MAUL is a quality provider of Subsurface Utility Engineering services, providing accurate locating and mapping of all underground utilities. Services provided by MAUL include: utility locating, designating, and relocation assistance/coordination, utility as-builts, utility information databases, underground tank detection, valve and storm box clean-outs, utility manhole and handhole clean-outs, safe utility pole and sign excavation, and safe tree root excavation.

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