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New Infrastructure Investment & Policy Report
May 13, 2009

Federal spending on transportation and other infrastructure projects across the country is slated to top $200 billion in the next two years. The $150 billion for new infrastructure spending in the recently-passed economic stimulus package is only one aspect of a huge federal infusion of capital planned for building and maintaining high-speed rail systems, highways and bridges, airports, pipelines, and energy grids. Major spending is also anticipated for mass transit, clean water, green technology, broadband, and other infrastructure projects.

According to news and information publisher BNA, their new print and electronic service, Infrastructure Investment & Policy Report, will be a critical resource for stakeholders seeking to monitor the flow of federal funding into state and local economies.

The publisher noted that BNA’s experienced business and financial reporters will provide coverage of the flow of federal, state, local, and international funds into large-scale investment projects in the United States. Closely following the rules, regulations, and standards issued by the new Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board, the proposed national infrastructure bank, and the agencies – the Energy Department, Department of Transportation, Housing and Urban Development, and Department of Labor, among others – charged with managing the government’s massive capital investments, the publication will include insights from leading attorneys, executives, federal state and local officials, and Capitol Hill veterans.

For more information, visit BNA online.

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