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New ISA Report Now Available
January 15, 2008

A new American National Standard and an update of a widely used technical report on cyber security technologies have been published by the International Society for Measurement & Control (ISA).

The new standard, ANSI/ISA-99.00.01-2007, Security for Industrial Automation and Control Systems Part 1: Terminology, Concepts, and Models, is the first in a series of ISA standards that addresses cyber security for industrial automation and control systems (IACS). This Part 1 standard focuses on key concepts, terminology and models, and will serve as a foundation for additional standards currently in development in the ISA99 series.

The updated technical report, ANSI/ISA-TR99.00.01-2007, Security Technologies for Industrial Automation and Control Systems, provides an assessment of currently available cyber security tools, mitigation countermeasures, and technologies. The guidelines provided apply to existing and new IACSs used in regulating and monitoring numerous industries and critical infrastructures.

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