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New Model Advisory Published by ASFE
March 6, 2006

Firms that provide construction materials engineering and testing (CoMET) services to owners, for purposes of quality assurance (QA), all too often are sued by contractors and subcontractors who rely on the QA services and reports to meet their own quality control (QC) needs. “Quality assurance and quality control are not the same,” said ASFE Executive Vice President John P. Bachner. “And even if they were, the fact is that the scope of service developed by representatives of an owner and a CoMET services provider is unique, and – ultimately – reflects the owner’s unique needs and preferences. Contractors and subcontractors need to develop their QC scope in a similar fashion. If they do not, whatever else they do to achieve QC they do at their own peril.”

ASFE’s new Model Advisory Clarifying the Role of the Construction Materials Engineering and Testing (CoMET) Firm makes those warnings explicit. Developed for use by CoMET service providers, to help them develop their own letters in conjunction with legal counsel, the model makes clear that contractors and subcontractors have no right to rely on CoMET firms’ QA services, that QA services are not QC services, and that contractors and subcontractors need to make their own arrangements to meet their QC needs.

The new model is available to the public as a CD-ROM at a cost of $75.00 per copy. The document can be ordered from ASFE’s on-line bookshop at

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