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New Publication From Institute of Brownfield Professionals
September 26, 2007

Registered Brownfield Professional (R.B.P.) is the nationally recognized credential awarded by the Institute of Brownfield Professionals to those environmental professionals whose education, training, and experience qualify them to determine the type of environmental “all-appropriate inquiry” (AAI) study a client requires, and to design and lead the study, from start to finish.

The Institute of Brownfield Professionals created the R.P.B. designation in response to a new, federal “environmental professional” designation that anyone can use when they have ten years of experience that they believe qualifies them to do what they think needs to be done. “Environmental professionals” do not need to be high-school graduates.

The Institute has just published a Benefits of Dealing with a Registered Brownfield Professional advisory available at, the Institute’s website. The advisory points out the qualifications that an R.B.P. must possess, and also discusses elements of regulations that took effect less than one year ago.

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