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New Racing Industry Technology Developed
March 5, 2007

Livingston & Haven and ADI (Accelerating Developments International) have partnered together to develop the KD-Rig, an advanced diagnostic testing system that provides NASCAR teams with detailed data about the chassis and suspension in a variety of simulation scenarios. The KD-Rig, with its upgraded technology, surpasses the capabilities of the current K-Rig used by many NASCAR teams today.

The KD-Rig allows for accurate simulations of road and track conditions on chassis and suspension components. The KD-Rig provides precise suspension motion while measuring bump steer, camber change and wheel loads. The KD-Rig also easily allows interference checking throughout the travel range. This system offers up to eight times faster motion coupled with high speed control and data acquisition. The KD-Rig captures specific vehicle characteristics and allows the technician to tune the suspensions while on the simulator. NASCAR teams utilize this testing as a method of gaining an edge on the competition and the KD-Rig allows them to capture repeatability from one vehicle to the next.

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