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New Release From ASCE
August 5, 2005

ASCE has released Principles of Applied Civil Engineering Design by Ying-Kit Choi, Ph.D., P.E. This pioneer reference in the civil engineering profession details the guidelines, principles, and philosophy needed to produce design documents for heavy civil engineering projects.

This book explains the interrelationships among contract documents, site characterization, construction documents, and construction cost estimates. It also features numerous examples and illustrations on drawing preparation, specification writing, and estimating construction costs.

In addition to introducing conventional and standard practice and basic principles to prepare quality documents, Dr. Choi offers advice and recommendations, especially on topics of design philosophy, loss prevention, and roles and responsibilities of design team members. The book also discusses the metric system, computer-aided drafting (CAD), certifying design, and measurement and payment provisions. This book is an excellent reference for advanced civil engineering students and practicing civil engineers that are involved with design, especially young professional.

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