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Newest ASM Handbook Covers Casting Technology
February 23, 2009

Three major articles from a comprehensive new handbook on casting technology may be downloaded free of charge from ASM International, the materials information society. “Modeling of Microsegregation and Macrosegregation,” “Modeling of Stress, Distortion, and Hot Tearing,” and “Practical Issues in Computer Simulation of Casting Processes” are available free from the ASM International website. The articles are from the ASM Handbook, Volume 15, on Casting, a comprehensive new reference for those who specify, manufacture, design or evaluate cast metal components. To download the three sample articles, visit Volume 15 on ASM International.

The ASM Handbook on Casting is the latest in a series considered to be the bible of metallurgy by generations of materials scientists and engineers. Volume 15 covers the art, science and technology of casting, and also provides an update on casting advances achieved during the past 20 years. The ASM Handbook on Casting primarily focuses on products and processes of foundry (shape)casting, although primary (ingot or continuous casting) of steel and aluminum are also covered. Shape casting of metal is dominated by cast iron, which constitutes just over 70 percent of the worldwide production of castings on a tonnage basis, followed by steel, copper-alloy, and aluminum-alloy castings.

Price of the new ASM Handbook on Casting is $264 (ASM members, $212). To order book number 05115G or to download the free sample articles, visit the ASM Store or contact ASM Customer service, ASM International, 440/338-5151, dial 0.

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