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Nuclear Regulatory Commission Awards Virginia Tech $850,000
September 16, 2009

Virginia Tech’s Nuclear Engineering program will receive $850,000 from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) for faculty development and for fellowships. The NRC awarded nearly $20 million to 70 institutions to boost nuclear education and expand the workforce in nuclear and nuclear-related disciplines. Congress provided the NRC funding for a $5 million educational curriculum program and an additional $15 million to supplement the NRC’s grant program for scholarships and fellowships, faculty development, trade schools, and community colleges.

Specifically, Virginia Tech will receive $450,000 for faculty development and $399,948 for fellowships.

Virginia Tech revived its nuclear engineering program in 2007, offering graduate coursework that leads to a graduate certificate in Nuclear Engineering. Final approval of the graduate certificate is pending. Development of a Master’s and Ph.D. in Nuclear Engineering is in progress. In addition, an undergraduate certificate in Nuclear Engineering is currently available and a minor in Nuclear Engineering is in preparation.

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