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Online Technical Writing Course for Engineering Professionals
March 14, 2008

UC Irvine Extension is launching a new course within its engineering program titled, Technical Writing for Engineering, Information Technology and Science Professionals. Course topics include: the challenges of scientific writing, creative persuasive proposals and writing summaries. The course will be offered online from March 31-June 13, 2008.

Students will learn how to write documents used in science and engineering and understand the role of writing in these careers. The course will distinguish central concepts from details in structured writing and help students logically develop evidence and make a persuasive argument.

This unique curriculum is part of UC Irvine Extension’s Systems Engineering Program that examines the systems engineering process as a multi-disciplined function within an organization. The Certificate Program is designed to teach participants the essential concepts of system engineering from concept of operations and elicitation of requirements, to functional systems design and integration analysis, and establishing validation and verification plans.

For more information about UC Irvine’s Systems Engineering Certificate Program, please contact Rogelio Rodriguez at For more information or to enroll in Technical Writing for Engineering, Information Technology and Science Professionals, please call (949) 824-5414.

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