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Periodical For Brownfield Professionals Available
September 18, 2006

A new periodical for brownfield and other environmental professionals – The Brownfield Professional – has been launched by the Institiute of Brownfield Professionals and is available free at the Institute’s website:

According to Institute Executive Director John P. Bachner, the Institute will publish The Brownfield Professional six times a year. The periodical will carry news of developments in the profession and within the organization, as well as a variety of features related to professional practice. He said, “Volume one, number one, is somewhat of an experiment insofar as content is concerned. We are asking Institute members to provide feedback, so we can produce a periodical of genuine value. For the near term, we will make The Brownfield Professional available free to everyone. We expect it to soon become a members-only publication, designed to give its readers an advantage over their competitors.”

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