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CSR Delivers Technologies Course
May 25, 2010

Representatives from the US Coast Guard and the Army Corps of Engineers recently participated in the Center for Secure and Resilient Maritime Commerce (CSR) one-week module course in Port Security Sensing Technologies that was held on-site at Stevens Institute of Technology’s campus in Washington, DC.

The objective of the five-day course was to enable a broad base of maritime industry and government practitioners with minimal to moderate technical expertise to understand the basic technologies used in port security applications and to provide them with a basis to make informed managerial decisions regarding relevant technology-based solutions.

Student participants received a broad overview of maritime transportation systems and maritime domain awareness and learned the principal aspects of relevant sensor technologies including HF Radar, Satellites, Acoustics, and Electro-Optics that serve as the foundation for port security applications. Feedback from the course participants highlighted the usefulness and utility of the course to the students’ current job responsibilities.

The CSR plans to deliver additional graduate level and professional development courses throughout the 2010 — 2011 academic year.

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