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Prepare Now for Pandemic Flu Outbreak
January 2, 2008

Scott Mugno, managing director, corporate safety, health and fire protection at FedEx Express, recently told attendees during the American Society of Safety Engineers’ (ASSE) “Pandemic Influenza: Threat vs. Preparedness” webinar that businesses must develop continuity planning now in case of a flu outbreak and provided tips on how to prepare.

According to Mr. Mugno, who led the interactive webinar, pandemics are inevitable as they occur regularly throughout history. Due to this and the increasing cases of avian bird flu developing, it is necessary, he said, for businesses to have a continuity plan in place before the next major pandemic flu outbreak. The term flu pandemic refers to a new influenza virus that people have little to no immunity to and there is no available vaccine, making a pandemic a global disease outbreak, noted Mr. Mugno. Currently, there is worldwide concern about the possible spread of the Avian H5N1 (A H5N1) virus.

Some of the ways Mr. Mugno suggests a businesses can prepare for a pandemic flu are by reviewing business demand shifts, conducting company wide analysis of essential/nonessential functions, developing emergency corporate chain of command and by developing cooperative arrangements with suppliers.

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