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Prince William County Awards $2 Million Service Contracts
June 20, 2018

Prince William County has announced that Dewberry, a leading, market-facing firm with a proven history of providing professional services to a wide variety of public- and private-sector clients, has been awarded two on-call services contracts for the Department of Public Works and the Department of Parks and Recreation. According to the announcement, Dewberry will perform environmental assessment, dam safety, floodplain management, surveying, and master planning services. Both contracts could see a variety of task orders with an annual value of up to $2 million per year per contract, for a period of five years.

Under the Public Works contract, the firm will perform environmental engineering, testing, and inspection services; conduct site assessments; and develop remediation plans. Dewberry will evaluate natural and cultural resources, including wetlands and waters of the U.S., prepare impact assessments for a variety of projects, and evaluate habitats and investigate the presence of endangered and threatened species. The firm will also perform floodplain management and dam safety services, including hydrologic and hydraulic analysis, processing of Letters of Map Amendment (LOMA), preparation of floodplain studies, development of dam rehabilitation plans, preparation of emergency action plans (EAPs), and development of dam breach inundation maps.

Under the Parks and Recreation contract, Dewberry services will include feasibility studies, field survey of topography and property boundaries, hydraulic analysis, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) flood studies, traffic studies, wetland delineation, utility design, park master planning, forest management plans, as-built construction plans, NEPA document preparation and submission, photometric plans, and sports field and lighting design.

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