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Publication Investigates the Real Expense of Green Infrastructure
November 28, 2017

The American Society of Civil Engineer’s (ASCE) new book, Cost of Maintaining Green Infrastructure captures and quantifies the expenses associated with operating and maintaining sustainable stormwater-management technologies. Green infrastructure (GI) practices use processes found in the natural environment to manage stormwater with the end goal of reducing stormwater runoff volumes and corresponding pollutant loading from urban surfaces. Because GI installations require ongoing maintenance to remain effective, the authors set out to compile data to support whole-life cost estimates for a suite of small-scale, distributed GI technologies, with a particular emphasis on maintenance costs.

Thirty state and local agencies participated in this survey, providing information on their individual GI program structure, types and frequency of maintenance activities, maintenance program costs, data tracking approach, and budgeting. The report also includes resources available from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; information on available cost-estimating tools; and recommendations to standardize GI cost reporting.

This book is a vital resource for environmental engineers and managers, urban planners, and government officials working with states and communities interested in planning and developing green stormwater infrastructure to manage urban runoff.

To purchase online visit the ASCE Bookstore.

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