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Researcher Developes VerityTM Method
January 28, 2005

Battelle researcher Pingsha Dong has developed a method for predicting fatigue life in welded structures that could revolutionize the field and has the potential to save billions of dollars in the aerospace, automotive, bridge construction, shipbuilding, pipeline, and off-shore oil rig industries.

While previous stress concentration calculation methods were highly sensitive to the detail of the computerized model, Pingsha’s method, referred to as the VerityTM mesh-insensitive structural stress method, proved to be accurate regardless of that detail. And the accuracy far surpasses any existing modeling method, so that fatigue lives of welded structures now can be reliably predicted regardless of the complexity of welded components and modeling details.

VerityTM was used to win a recent Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) fatigue design and evaluation committee Weld Challenge against some of the top minds in fatigue life prediction. For more info visit

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