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Scuffletown Creek Wetlands Restoration
June 7, 2010

The Scuffletown Creek Wetlands Restoration Project (U.S. Army Photo/Patrick Bloodgood)

According to information available from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Norfolk District, the City of Chesapeake and the Elizabeth River Project have all teamed up to restore 30,000 square feet of wetlands located on Scuffletown Creek, a tributary of the Elizabeth River here.

The project is the Corps’ first comprehensive effort to restore wetlands lost along the Elizabeth River Basin since the end of World War II, will have several positive impacts on the creek, the Elizabeth River, and ultimately, the Chesapeake Bay.

The former wetlands area being restored were covered with three to seven feet of construction debris located adjacent to the city’s boat ramp off Poindexter Street. The project also includes the clearing and excavation of 3,300 cubic yards of fill material, importing 950 cubic yards of sand, constructing three 56-foot stone and sand containment structures, and planting more than 8,900 plants best suited to survive in a wetlands habitat.

For more information about the Scuffletown Creek Wetlands Restoration Project please visit

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