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Safety and Health Are Part of Corporate Social Responsibility
December 2, 2009

According to a recent American Society of Safety Engineer’ (ASSE) webcast Sustainability: An Emerging Force in Business & Its Impact Upon the Safety Profession presented by Kathy A. Seabrook, CSP, CMIOSH (UK), safety and health are considered by many companies to be integral to their organizations’ corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability plans.

In a poll given to the nearly 50 attendees during the webcast, most of the attendees indicated that their companies see CSR/sustainability as a strategic initiative. The next highest response from attendees indicated that their companies see CSR/sustainability as creating value for their organization/brand. Another poll conducted with participation from attendees indicated that CSR performance reporting includes 1) workplace safety, 2) environmental impacts, and 3) energy efficiencies.

There are three main elements that make up sustainability/CSR, based on the SAM Corporate Sustainability Assessment: economic, environmental and social components. The economic dimension includes issues concerning growth, jobs, taxes, products, services, brand and laws. The environmental dimension includes eco-efficiency and environmental reporting. The social component focuses on people, workers, community and society.

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