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Safety Engineers Name Grant to Honor Injured Firefighter
January 25, 2010

The American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) Foundation announced recently that ASSE professional member Rixio E. Medina, CSP, CPP, general partner of Rixio Medina & Associates, L.P., Corpus Christi, Texas, has donated $5,000 to its general fund for scholarships and grants. For 2009 Medina added an additional $16,000 to his contributions to support the ongoing education of occupational safety, health and environmental professionals. Medina has contributed $79,500 to the ASSE Foundation since 2005 and raised a total of $143,800.

Foundation officials announced that the “Medina Professional Development Grant” name has changed to the “Gabriel Alvarado Professional Development Grant” in honor of injured refinery operator and firefighter Gabriel Alvarado from Corpus Christi, Texas, at the request of his friend, Medina.

The “Gabriel Alvarado Professional Development Grant” provides various awards at $650 and up for a total of $3,000 per year in financial assistance to ASSE members seeking to advance their education through ASSE Certification Preparation Workshops (ASP, CSP, CHST, OHST), ASSE Professional Development Seminars or Symposia, or the annual ASSE Professional Development Conference. It also provides BCSP certification fees for the application and exam.

The “Rixio Medina & Associates Hispanics in Safety Scholarship” is a $3,000 scholarship available each year for students seeking an education in occupational safety, health and the environment who are bilingual in Spanish and English.

All available ASSE Foundation scholarships are for students pursuing a degree in occupational safety and health, safety engineering, safety management, occupational health nursing, occupational medicine, risk management, ergonomics, industrial hygiene, fire safety, environmental safety, environmental health or other safety-related fields. Scholarships range from general criteria to regional-based, diversity and specific areas of study within safety. Grants are available to safety professionals wishing to advance their professional credentials in safety.

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