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Salary Survey Reveals Increases
July 14, 2010

Median income for electrotechnology and information technology professionals showed a twofold percentage increase from the previous year, according to the latest IEEE-USA Salary & Fringe Benefit Survey.

Of the 12,119 U.S. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers’ (IEEE) members who participated in the Internet-based survey, 10,177 were employed full-time in their primary area of technical competence, or job specialty. The five largest job specialties were, in descending order, computers, energy and power engineering, circuits and devices, communications technology and systems and control.

The IEEE-USA Salary & Fringe Benefit Survey, 2009 Edition, is the 22nd compensation survey the organization has conducted since the first one in 1972. The 82-page survey is available electronically.

IEEE-USA just completed its 2010 survey with a record 14,724 responses. That report will be released in September.

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