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Science Teachers Invited To Virginia Region II Teacher Night
March 11, 2019

The U.S. Department of Energy’s Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility is offering elementary and middle school teachers the opportunity to pick up a wealth of new tools for teaching physical science concepts. The annual Virginia Region II Teacher Night will be held on April 10th, and the free event will feature hands-on instructional activities for the physical sciences.

“We like to say that it’s like a science fair for teachers,” said Lisa Surles-Law, Jefferson Lab Science Education group leader and the lead organizer of the event.

According to information, the demonstrations will be provided by teachers participating in the Jefferson Science Associates after-school program, JSAT, which is the JLab Science Activities for Teachers program. Teachers participating in the 2018-2019 JSAT program will present activities that they have learned and used in their classrooms this year.

“Our JSAT teachers will be demonstrating hands-on activities for a wide range of physical science topics,” Surles-Law said. “A complete set of instructions and a classroom handout are available for each activity, and teachers will also be able to download the materials after the event for use in their classrooms.”

Topics that will be addressed include friction, electricity, the water cycle, engineering design, polymers, diffraction, the Periodic Table and more.

Surles-Law said that the event is also a great opportunity for teachers considering participation in the JSAT program.

While the event is free to Virginia Region II teachers, advance registration is required. The registration deadline is April 1st. More details and registration is available at

This event is supported by Jefferson Science Associates, LLC, which manages and operates Jefferson Lab for the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Science.

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