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Second Annual Global Recycling Day Announced
March 13, 2019

There are just days left to go until the second annual Global Recycling Day, taking place on Monday, March 18, 2019, and the world is getting ready to celebrate recycling. The 2019 event theme, Recycling into the Future, has inspired a host of events and initiatives across the world to raise awareness of the importance of recycling for the health and benefit of the planet.

Global Recycling Day, an initiative of the Global Recycling Foundation, is a movement dedicated to celebrating the importance of recycling and making the world think resource not waste. With events taking place across the globe, including Europe, Africa, Asia and North and South America, and social media and educational activities to get involved in, there are a host of ways to take part in Global Recycling Day 2019.

Key activities include:

The #RecyclingGoals Football Challenge
The #RecyclingGoals football challenge is a social media movement that harnesses the power of football to inspire long term recycling habits in young people across the world. Social media users across the globe are asked to participate in the #RecyclingGoals challenge by:
• Capturing a video of themselves scoring a “Top Bins” goal (into a recycling bin in the top corner of the goal or just a normal goal) while pledging to make a long term commitment to better recycling practices e.g. “I pledge to recycle all my plastic drinking bottles from today and I nominate John Smith to take the #RecyclingGoals challenge”.
• Sharing their videos and pictures of their challenge online using the hashtag #RecyclingGoals and tagging Global Recycling Day on Instagram or Facebook.

City-centre events around the globe
Global Recycling Day events will take place in cities across the world and Global Recycling Day supporters are encouraged to join in the fun and find out about events near them. Confirmed events include Middleburg and Durban (South Africa), Lagos (Nigeria), Rotherham and London (UK), Dubai (UAE), Brussles (Belgium), Delhi (India), Seoul (South Korea) and Washington DC (USA). Including real-life #RecyclingGoals Football Challenges, recycled fashion shows and talks from experts, there’s plenty of entertainment to enjoy.

Brussels, Belgium
The Bureau of International Recycling (BIR) is working with member organizations, including the Belgian National Associations to carry out various activities in Brussels.

Delhi, India
The Inland Importers and Consumers Association (IICA) is organizing a celebration of Global Recycling Day for over 2,000 children including workshops, discussions and a lunch. The Tinna Group is also working with The British School in New Delhi and an orphanage to raise awareness of Global Recycling Day.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
The Bureau of Middle East Recycling (BMR) plans to organize various activity in Dubai to promote Global Recycling Day.

Durban, South Africa
The Department of Environment in South Africa is planning to organize an exhibition on recycling and invite local school children in Durban to view it. The aim is to educate children and young people on recycling and how they can contribute to the circular economy.

Lagos, Nigeria
U-Recycle, an organization that educates local children on recycling, planning a fashion show with clothes made from recycled materials, a fun fair in the city, an art exhibition partnering with local schools and will host a series of recycling games, such as an obstacle course.

London, UK
Thanks to Shaftesbury PLC, the Global Recycling Day team will be at Carnaby Street on March 18, 2019, encouraging individuals to take part in the #RecyclingGoals challenge. The activity aims to educate consumers in the area and local school children about the importance of recycling to help protect the planet’s future. The Forest School in London will also be conducting a litter pick up for students to educate them on the importance of recycling.

Middleburg, South Africa
Illy B’s Environmental Education and Sustainability Awareness charity will be organizing a host of events for school children in Middleburg.

Paris, France
FEDEREC will plan various activities in Paris as well as launching a social media campaign promoting the second life of recycled objects.

Rotherham, UK
British Metals Recycling Association (BMRA) will organize a metal collection for local schools in Rotherham to help raise funds for the schools. BMRA will also educate school children on Global Recycling Day through presentations, as well as inviting them to take part in quizzes.

Sao Paolo, Brazil
Exposucate, Latin America’s waste and recycling event organizers, will be working with local schools in Sao Paolo to promote Global Recycling Day, as well as the #RecyclingGoals challenge.

Seoul, South Korea
A recycling activist in Korea, Mr Yong J.Lee, is heading up Global Recycling Day celebrations in Seoul, with special education packs to be shared with local schools.

Washington DC, USA
The Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) will be promoting Global Recycling Day on Capitol Hill and will be inviting Senators to take part in their activities. The organization is working on a White House proclamation and a statement from House Recycling Caucus Co-Chairs, as well as reaching out to schools to get involved in the day.

Educational programs
This year’s activities also include educational packs for teachers and students to use in the classrooms. The pack is designed to make it easy for teachers to plan a lesson around recycling and inspire their students with the power of recycling, outlining various ways in which schools can take part in the world-wide Global Recycling Day celebrations. It can be downloaded here from the Global Recycling Day website.

Find out more on the Global Recycling Day website.

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