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SEI Announces Public Comment Period
August 3, 2004

The Structural Engineering Institute (SEI) of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) has announced it will conduct public comment periods on revisions to three design standards this fall, including:

  • Minimum Design Loads for Buildings and Other Structures (ASCE-7), which identifies minimum design requirements for dead, live, soil, flood, wind, snow and earthquake loads, combinations of those loads, and other general requirements. The standard, which is referenced in building codes and other
    documents, is designed to assist building code and regulatory committees, architects, structural engineers and those engaged in preparing and administrating local building codes.
  • Flood Resistant Design and Construction (ASCE-24), which identifies minimum requirements for design, materials, dry and wet flood proofing, utilities, means of egress, and accessory structures for construction located in flood hazard areas, high risk flood areas and areas subject to high velocity wave action. The standard applies to new construction and substantial repairs or improvements to existing, non-historic structures.
  • Standard Calculation Methods for Structural Fire Protection (ASCE-29), which identifies methods of calculating fire resistance for selected structural members and barrier assemblies that utilize plain or reinforced concrete, concrete or clay masonry, timber and wood, or structural steel. The standard is designed to provide architects, engineers and building officials with calculation methods that give results equivalent to those in ASTM E119. ASCE-29 represents a joint effort between the SEI and the Society of Fire Protection Engineers.

The public comment period is one of the final stages of the consensus standards development process and will be conducted utilizing ASCE’s Web-based balloting system. Anyone wishing to participate in the public comment period should contact Eileen Boeing, ASCE standards coordinator, at, for specific instructions. Please specify the standard on which you wish to comment. The appropriate SEI standards committee will review and address all comments submitted through the public ballot.

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