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SFPE 2005 Annual Meeting Scheduled
May 27, 2005

Society of Fire Protection Engineers’ (SFPE) 2005 Annual Meeting and Professional Development Conference will kick off Monday, October 17th at the Hyatt Regency La Jolla.

The week’s events illustrate the “wave of the future” in fire protection engineering.

The annual meeting will be followed by the Awards and Honors Banquet and will feature a special presentation by former SR-71 pilot Colonel Buzz Carpenter entitled “Recognizing Achievement—Performance and Protection.”

Four days of educational events that demonstrate how science and technology are used to make the world safe from fire will start on October 18th. This includes a symposium on Advances in Fire Suppression Technologies, nine seminars and the Engineering Technology Showcase.

Presentations for the Advances in Fire Suppression Technologies Symposium entitled Develop and Engineer New Fire Suppression Solutions to Protect People, Environment and Property on October 18th and 19th will focus on the state of the art in fire protection for critical or sensitive areas.

The seminars include a wide range of topics including Principals of Fire Protection Engineering, Smoke Control Session 1—Fundamentals and Pressurization Systems, and Smoke Control Session 2—Design Fires, Atrium Control and Tenability Systems;
Sprinkler Design for the Engineer; Introduction to Structural Fire Protection; Advanced Fire Dynamics Simulator and Smokeview; Human Behavior in Fire; How to Study for the Fire Protection
Engineering Professional Engineering Exam; and Dust Explosions.

An expanded Engineering Technology Showcase will be held on October 18th. The showcase will feature the latest products and services related to fire protection engineering. Displays from
over 40 companies are expected.

For more detailed information visit or contact Julie Gordon, SFPE Education Program Manager, at or by phone at 301.718.2901.

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