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New Short-Term Semester at Sea To Explore Global Issues
March 16, 2011

“Engineering a New Tomorrow,” the first short-term Semester at Sea voyage, will explore key global issues during an intensive 26-day shipboard and field-practice curriculum developed in partnership with the University of Virginia (U.Va.).

The academic program is based on the global challenges outlined in the United Nations Millennium Development Goals, including sustainable development, food security, energy, water, population, species and ecosystems, and the international economy.

Although engineering programs often address the technical aspects of humanitarian problems, the Institute for Shipboard Education has designed an interdisciplinary program that will visualize the “socio-technical” issues and integrate multiple disciplines, considering culture, economics, history, politics and economics.

The inaugural short-term program will sail May 20th through June 15th and enroll participants from colleges and universities around the country. The program is suited to all majors and may be of particular interest to students focused on business, commerce and environmental studies.

Courses will be offered not only in engineering, but also in business, architecture, education, environmental science, politics, public health and sociology. In each port, faculty-directed programs will bring classroom discussions to life. Excursions will include examining the natural asphalt lake in Trinidad, learning the eco-function of mangroves and rainforests in Costa Rica, and taking part in service learning activities.

The inaugural voyage will include 22 faculty members from schools including U.Va., the Colorado School of Mines, the University of Louisville and the University of Pittsburgh.

For information on the program and how to apply, visit the Semester at Sea website.

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