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Simulation Is Now Part of World Community Grid
October 12, 2010

University of Virginia (U.Va.) Bay Game/Analytics, a massive computer-generated simulation of the complex interrelations of human behavior and ecosystem processes in the Chesapeake Bay, is now part of the IBM-sponsored World Community Grid, IBM announced recently.

Students and participants play the original U.Va. Bay Game during a public event last April. U.Va. Bay Game/Analytics is a new World Community Grid-powered computer model of the Chesaeake Bay and its watersheds. (Photo: Jane Haley)

U.Va. Bay Game/Analytics models the complex interrelationships among the 16.7 million people who live in the Chesapeake Bay watershed and the watershed itself – the largest, most diverse estuary in the United States, embracing six states and the District of Columbia. This project will enable unprecedented testing of innovative policies and actions for watershed conservation.

It is an outgrowth of the less computer-intensive original U.Va. Bay Game, an interactive computer game used by players to see how their decisions affect the watershed.

U.Va. Bay Game/Analytics is designed and built by Gerard Learmonth, a U.Va. faculty member with joint appointments in Systems and Information Engineering and Public Health Sciences.

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