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Southwest Virginia Regional Wastewater Study
February 27, 2007

Thompson & Litton was recognized by the American Council of Engineering Companies of Virginia with a 2007 Engineering Excellence Award for work on the Southwest Virginia Regional
Wastewater Study for clients Mount Rogers Planning District Commission, LENOWISCO Planning District Commission, and Cumberland Plateau Planning District Commission. The findings have potential positive impact on the region in the social, economic, and environmental arenas.

The Southwest Virginia Regional Wastewater Study is intended to serve as a road map for future implementation of sanitary sewer collection, treatment and disposal projects in Southwest Virginia. The Study’s goals include identifying the need for sewer service in the region, identifying and prioritizing projects, finding and identifying funding sources for these projects, and eliminating the health hazards and environmental problems associated with inadequate septic systems and straight pipe discharges to streams. The study also identifies projects that due to their remote location, topographic situations, small size or soil conditions, will benefit from non-traditional de-centralized managed wastewater systems (DMWS).

The sewer problems described in the Study affect many rural communities throughout the Commonwealth; however, the needs are more dramatic in Southwest Virginia due, in part to the steep
topography, unique geology and several of the most bio-diverse rivers in the United States.

During the course of this Study, the Design Team examined 136 projects. These projects were analyzed and prioritized based on the degree of health hazard, the severity of environmental problems, the number of customers served, construction cost per connection, construction feasibility, as well as residential, commercial and industrial growth potential.

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