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Specialty Certification Program Announced
October 20, 2004

The American Academy of Water Resources Engineers (AAWRE), a subsidiary of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE),
has announced the introduction of a Specialty Certification program for water resources engineers. The Specialty Certification is a voluntary, post-license credential that provides recognition of advanced expertise in a technical specialty, superior experience, strong professional ethics and a commitment to life-long learning and continuing professional development.

“To embrace change and enhance the professional practice of civil engineering requires that we raise the bar for the body of knowledge needed,” said Darrell D. Zimbelman, Ph.D., P.E., associate general manager, Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District. “AAWRE will set the standard for the practice of water resources engineering and help ensure that our
nation’s water resources are developed, protected and managed to the greatest good of our environment and the people we serve.”

In support of ASCE’s policy to broaden and deepen the body of knowledge for practicing engineers, AAWRE’s certification was developed to improve the practice, elevate the standards and advance the profession of water resources engineers. Certification provides an advanced qualification, beyond
licensure, that is recognized by clients, employers, peers and the public. It demonstrates a specific technical mastery within civil engineering and a strong commitment to professional ethics and development.

The AAWRE Specialty Certification requirements include:

  • Written recommendations endorsing the application from three peers who possess a valid professional engineering license;
  • High professional ethical standing in the profession;
  • Agreement in writing to adhere to the ASCE Code of Ethics;
  • Active engagement in the professional practice of water resources engineering;
  • A bachelor’s degree in engineering or related science, and
  • A master of science or engineering degree in water resources; or
  • A doctoral degree in water resources engineering; or
  • A minimum of 30 graduate level semester hours related to water resources engineering from an accredited engineering program.
  • An oral assessment, passed in a manner satisfactory to the AAWRE Board of Trustees; and
  • A valid license to practice professional engineering in the U.S. or equivalent license issued by a foreign country.

Applications for the water resources engineer certification will be accepted online beginning in January 2005. The announcement of the first group of certified water resources engineers is expected to take place at the 2005 World Water and Environmental Resources Congress in Anchorage, Alaska. For more information about the Specialty Certification or to access a sample application form, visit

The American Academy of Water Resources Engineers is founded by practicing water resources professionals who are members of the ASCE Environment and Water Resources Institute (EWRI) to improve the practice, elevate the standards and advance the profession of water resources engineering.

Created in 1999, the Environmental & Water Resources Institute (EWRI) is a civil engineering specialty institute of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE). EWRI services are designed to complement ASCE’s traditional civil engineering base and to attract new categories of members (non civil engineer allied professionals) who seek to enhance their professional and
technical development.

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