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Spectrum Design Awarded Contract
December 26, 2007

Spectrum Design was recently selected to design a new facility for the more than 800 motor vehicles that comprise the Roanoke County and Western Virginia Water Authority fleets.

The approximate 29,000-square-foot vehicular maintenance facility will be located on Hollins Road in Roanoke County and merge two existing County facilities into a common building to provide repair work and other fleet management services for vehicles including automobiles, light trucks, garbage trucks, fire and rescue vehicles, and other heavy vehicles and equipment
such as backhoes and tractors.

Spectrum’s extensive experience in designing fleet maintenance and garage buildings, along with their familiarity with LEED building requirements, were some of the major determining factors involved in awarding the contract to the firm.

“Green” elements will be incorporated into the design, and the County plans to apply for the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification. The project is expected to cost approximately $7.7 million, and construction is to start beginning of the 2008 year.

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