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SPIE Volunteers Urge Strong Science Support
May 21, 2009

SPIE volunteers from 10 states made more than 30 visits to Congressional offices during an annual event focused on science, engineering, and technology issues recently in Washington, D.C. Their message: Research in these fields is strongly linked to economic recovery, and policies and legislation that support this research are vital to the recovery’s success. The SPIE volunteers were among others from approximately 30 organizations participating in Science-Engineering-Technology Working Group (SETWG) Congressional Visits Day forums and visits held April 28th and 29th on the Capitol campus.

In particular, SPIE team members stressed the importance of photonics in a high-tech economy, long-term funding for science and technology R&D, strong math and science education at all levels, and the easing of barriers to U.S. science and technology leadership, such as restrictive trade and visa regulations. Participants from SETWG and The Science Coalition (TSC) were joined by the House Research and Development Caucus at a press conference during the event in stressing the link between research and recovery. They noted that investments in science research funding have the effect of lifting regional and local economies across the United States, and result in new infrastructure and new jobs.

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