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Student Engineers’ Council Exceeds $220,000 In Philanthropy
September 1, 2004

Virginia Tech’s Student Engineers’ Council has topped the $220,000 marker in giving to the university during the past six years, making it the most philanthropic council in the country.

The Student Engineers’ Council generates its funds by hosting a career fair each fall. One of the largest career fairs of its kind in the country, Engineering Expo is attended by companies that pay registration fees, which are then channeled back to the engineering student body.

For 2004, the SEC awarded grants to the college’s Ware Lab, to the freshman design program, in addition to the First-Year Engineering Lecture series.

The Ware Lab received $5,000 to enhance its hands-on engineering programs. At the Ware Lab, students work together in teams under the direction of engineering faculty and graduate students.

The freshman engineering program received $4,300 for a new fuel cell lab project. Steve York, assistant professor of engineering fundamentals in the College of Engineering at Virginia Tech, recently developed a new freshman hands-on lab that introduces students to the operation and applications of fuel cells as an alternative power source.

The First-Year Engineering Lecture series received $11,000. The lecture series began in the fall of 2001 with financial support from the College of Engineering’s Green Engineering Program.

The next Engineering Expo on campus is slated for September 21-22, 2004. Companies can register online at

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