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Students Attend Summer Science Camp
July 26, 2007

Wisconsin high school students have gathered for the first-ever summer science camp hosted by the WiCell Research Institute. The intensive science camp offers 18 rural students an opportunity to experience the UW–Madison campus while learning about human embryonic stem cells and how they are used in scientific research.

The four-day program, developed by WiCell in collaboration with the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, is designed to expose rural students to new scientific disciplines not available in their schools and to interest them in pursuing careers in science. The camp features a combination of hands-on experiences and lectures from WiCell and UW scientists who are leaders in their fields, including nanotechnology, bioengineering, human embryonic stem cells, bioethics and metabolomics. The incoming seniors enrolled in the camp were selected by their teachers based on an essay and a quiz testing their knowledge of stem cells. The best essay will be awarded a cash grant at the conclusion of the program.

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