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Students Present Research To Peers and Judges
June 1, 2009

Top graduate engineering researchers recently presented their work to peers and judges during the 2009 University of Virginia Engineering Research Symposium held in Wilsdorf Hall atrium.

The symposium brought together 20 student researchers from a wide range of disciplines, including biomedical, systems and information, chemical and computer engineering.

Now in its fifth year, the symposium is a flagship event for the Graduate Engineering Student Council and is co-sponsored by the University. The symposium highlights the best graduate research at the School of Engineering and Applied Science and identifies graduate students who demonstrate excellence in relating their research to a broader societal context.

This year’s winners and their projects were:
• Ankit Tejani, “Simulated Actin Polymerization May Account for Force Maintenance in Arterial Smooth Muscle”;
• Elizabeth Logsdon, “Extracellular Matrix Mediated Cell Shape Change and Retinoic Acid Cooperate in Smooth Muscle Differentiation from Embryonic Precursors”; and
• Maria Azimova, “Ceramic Proton Conductors for Intermediate Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cells.”

The projects won $1,500, $1,000 and $750 respectively, with smaller cash prizes being awarded to all of the finalists. The top projects showcased research that could lead to advances in both medicine and alternative energy.

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