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Super Radiator Coils' New Wind Tunnel & Test Lab
May 6, 2009

Super Radiator Coil's new wind tunnel at the company's plant in Richmond, Virginia.

A unique, custom-designed wind tunnel that can vary air velocity, temperature and humidity has been installed in Super Radiator Coils’ plant in Richmond, Virginia, to provide much greater capability to develop advanced heat exchanger coils for commercial and industrial use. The 45 ft. long, 15 ft. high, closed-loop wind tunnel with a 63 cu. ft. test section, believed to be the only one used by any coil manufacturer in the nation, is the centerpiece of a new, $1-million-plus testing lab at the facility.

According to Dr. Jian Yu, SRC’s Director of Product Development, the new wind tunnel re-circulates air through sections of a heat exchanger coil to test its performance characteristics under varying conditions. Open-loop tunnels that bring air in one end and push it out the other can only vary the air velocity and are used by aircraft and auto manufacturers, and other industries to test aero dynamics and wind resistance. The new wind tunnel was designed to SRC’s specifications and manufactured by Aerotech, Inc. in Great Britain and uses a powerful 50 HP blower fan to vary air velocity from 100 – 8,000 cu. ft. per minute. It can also vary air temperature from 35 – 140° F and humidity from 40 – 95%.

Dr. Yu, who heads up operations for the new lab, said the wind tunnel is already being used for testing purposes. Other advanced equipment in the new testing lab, including a chiller, six electric heaters, and two large tanks to test coils, will be fully operational by the end of this year. For more information, visit the Super Radiator Coils website.

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