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Survey Results Released on State Public Transportation Funding
June 13, 2017

The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) has released the results of its survey on state investments in public transportation in a report titled, Survey of State Funding for Public Transportation—Final Report, 2017. Developed by the AASHTO Standing Committee on Public Transportation, the survey is considered one of the most comprehensive resources on state involvement in public transportation.

This annual report, which reflects Fiscal Year 2015 data, provides a snapshot of state-by-state investment in public transportation from federal, state, and local funding sources. It includes a comparison of state and Federal funding for public transportation, an overview of state transit programs, revenue sources, and eligible uses for state transit funding. Numerous tables and charts enable the reader to understand how different funding and tax mechanisms are used in each state to support transit operations and capital projects.

“The 2017 Survey of State Funding for Public Transportation reflects the ongoing and increasing investments state DOTs have made in public transportation of $18.8 billion in FY 2015,” stated The Honorable Charles Zelle, Commissioner, Minnesota Department of Transportation and Chairman, AASHTO Standing Committee on Public Transportation. “This report demonstrates our commitment to provide multimodal transportation solutions to meet the mobility needs of people who cannot or choose not to drive.”

The survey solicited information from each state on their number and types of transit systems, number of metropolitan planning organizations, sources of local transit funding, sources of state transit funds, transit program structure and characteristics, and eligible uses of funds.

Part 1 of the report, Highlights of State Transit Funding—FY 2015, provides an overview of state funding for public transit for the past five years (FY 2011—FY 2015), compares state and federal funding of public transit, and summarizes information on sources and eligible uses of funds. Part 2, State Transit Programs, describes the survey methodology and details the FY 2015 funding programs for each state DOT, based on their survey responses.

This year’s survey results reveal three key findings: State funding for public transit increased steadily from $14 billion in FY 2011 to $18.8 billion in FY 2015; Federal funds increased slightly from 10 billion in FY 2011 to $10.6 billion in FY 2015; and, of the 51 state DOTs that responded to the survey, twenty-one increased their public transit funding by a total of $1.7 billion over FY 2014 levels.

“AASHTO will continue to support and engage our State DOT members and transportation partners in their efforts to provide vital public transportation services in urban and rural communities nationwide,” states Bud Wright, AASHTO Executive Director. “With our nation’s population expected to top 400 million by 2050, and with seniors expected to slightly more than double by that time, I am confident that adequate investments in public transportation by state and federal sources will continue to be made in order to increase public transportation ridership and to meet the needs of the growing population.”

The 224-page report is available from the online AASHTO Bookstore. (Item Code: SSFP-11-UL)

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