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Synchrophasors Make Smart Grid Smarter
November 30, 2009

Professor Arun Phadke

Dominion Virginia Power is working with Virginia Tech to make the “smart grid” smarter by developing and testing innovative technology that will improve the electric grid’s efficiency and reliability. This technology, known as “synchrophasors”, provides dynamic real-time information about conditions on the transmission grid.

Arun Phadke, University Distinguished Professor Emeritus at Virginia Tech and a member of the National Academy of Engineering, has worked with synchrophasor technology, which provides precise, real-time data on transmission system conditions, for nearly 27 years. He invented the key building block of this technology, the phasor measurement unit, and credits the 2003 blackout of the northeast United States for initiating the emergence of this technology.

The new technology provides grid operators with the ability to better foresee, prevent and manage potential overloads on the grid, and route power more efficiently. This enables maximum efficiency and reliability for Dominion’s transmission grid.

Professor Phadke joined Virginia Tech’s Bradley Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering in 1982 and held the American Electric Power professorship.

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