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Talent Retention and Technology Cited As Top Risk Concerns
January 1, 2007

Technology and talent management are two business risks that deserve added attention, according to the nation’s top design firms attending the 17th Annual Design Professional Risk Control Group (DPRCG) Loss Prevention Convocation, sponsored by the XL Insurance companies.

The annual two-day convocation, held recently in San Diego, drew nearly 230 executives from the largest design firms in the US and Canada for discussions on the top risk management concerns and loss prevention strategies. “Top Gun by Design” was the theme of this year’s conference and featured guest speaker U.S. Navy Fighter Pilot Jim “Guido” DiMatteo.

“Design is utilizing various new technologies more and more,” said Terry Neimeyer, P.E., Chairman of KCI Technologies and President of DPRCG. “While to err is said to be human, relying on technology carries its own risks of error.”

“Good design professional practitioners are not born, they are made and that is why this convocation’s theme – Top Gun by Design – is so appropriate,” according to Chief Underwriter of the Design Professional group, Nick Greggains “To be a ‘Top Gun’ in this industry, design firm executives, like fighter pilots, need intensive training and that is the purpose of our convocation. For the members of the DPRCG, the annual convocation plays a significant role in continuous training, a forum to share ideas and discuss lessons learned from their collective experiences. Companies that hold the ability to efficiently manage risk, both the upside and downside of risk – are “risk intelligent organizations.” These are the firms that will thrive and succeed because they will be in the best position to protect assets in place, prevent or mitigate catastrophic failure, safeguard against earnings-related surprises and have a superior understanding of risk for competitive advantage.”

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